Jacob’s iconic photo of Amanda Lepore & Sophia Lamar on the movie poster for the documentary “I Hate New York” by Gustavo Sanches


Official Trailer

‘I HATE NEW YORK’ (2018)

From the underground scene of the most radical and fascinating city in the world comes t
he revolutionary story of four transgender activists, their fierce struggle and emotional fight to create an identity of their own.

Title: ‘I Hate New York’
Year: 2018
Genre: Documentary Feature.
Language: English and Spanish.
Running time: 75 minutes.
Country: Spain.
Directed by: Gustavo Sánchez.
Cast: Amanda Lepore, Chloe Dzubilo, Sophia Lamar, T De Long, Bibbe Hansen, Io Tillett-Wright, Katrina del Mar, Linda Simpson.
Music by: ARCA, Alva Noto + Ryūichi Sakamoto, Koreless, Sharon Needles, Transisters, LCC, Gio Black Peter, Colin Self, Mr.K!, Demmy Sober and many more.
Executive Producers: J.A. Bayona, Fiona Vidal-Quadras and Carlos Bayona.
Producers: Ricard Robles, Sandra Hermida and Javier Soto. Delegate Producer: Soledad Martínez.
Produced by: Colosé Producciones, Silent Soundsystem and Gustavo Sánchez, with collaboration from Películas La Trini.
Edited by: Jaume Martí and Gerard López Oriach.
Sound Design: Leo Dolgan.
Post-production: Moonlight.
Format: Digital (DCP) color. 16:9.
Shooting Locations: New York, U.S.A.
Release Date: 2018
Rating: 16+ (in Spain)

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New York City at the turn of the 21st century. Four transgender artists from the city’s underground scene –Amanda Lepore, Chloe Dzubilo, Sophia Lamar and T De Long– go beyond honesty, passion and tears, to reveal how their fight for freedom built a bridge between transgender activism and Manhattan’s alternative nightlife scene. Through intertwined narratives, fragments of their past are gradually unveiled, inviting audiences to reflect on the complexity of fate, hope and survival, and their unique struggle against adversity. In the process, we become not only passive spectators of their fight, but also confidantes of their extraordinary stories and lives.

‘I Hate New York’ also tells, for the first time, the story of Chloe Dzubilo, trans artist and HIV activist, who since the ‘90s played a decisive role as an advocate for the transgender community as well as people living with AIDS during the height of the epidemic.

Over a decade (2007-2017) and filming only with a home video camera, limited resources and without a script, filmmaker Gustavo Sánchez explored Manhattan’s East Side. Intuitively, he built up an authentic visual narrative about the city’s identity, now almost forgotten. In particular, he set his eye on the survivors of the art and club scene that emerged in the late ‘80s and began to fade after 9/11. It was a time when the trans community and trans artists blended with the punk, disco, rap and new wave scenes, using music and also performance art as venues for expression and activism.

Always on the move and capturing a unique moment in time, the camera travels effortlessly from behind the scenes, through narrow hallways, in and out of cabs, along steep staircases, and out to the middle of the city’s bustling streets, into the bowels of underground dives and sleazy motel rooms, dark bathrooms and impossible dressing rooms, while capturing looks, gestures, confessions and intimate moments soaked in honesty and emotion.

In lieu of a structured narrative, the stories are woven together by the film’s soundtrack; a meticulous track selection that includes music by acclaimed contemporary artist ARCA, as well as Academy Award®-winning composer Ryūichi Sakamoto, renowned experimental musician and sound explorer Alva Noto, and iconic drag singer Sharon Needles. ‘I Hate New York’ unique wall of sound also adds the punk-rock music of the Transisters, whose story is part of the film.

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The Ærø Magics Basketball Team was started up by Jacob in the fall of 2022.

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Jacob’s photo of HR Giger and Peter Gatien in the February 2022 issue of Interview Magazine.

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Story in VICE by Sara Rosen about The Cather in the Eye Project.

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Landbogaarden was started by Jacob’s great grandfather Michael in 1919.

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Jacob’s iconic photo of Amanda Lepore & Sophia Lamar on the movie poster for the documentary “I Hate New York” by Gustavo Sanches

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Candidate for local political party Ærø Plus
in connection to municipality election on the island of Ærø.


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The wonderful old Wax Factory by Amager Beach is about to be transformed

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Jacob curated David N. Jahn and HR Giger’s participation in the Roskilde Festival 2017’s Art Zone/Klub Rå installation

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Performance in the Danish TV2 Fri Lifestyle Show “Hotelkampen” (The Hotel Battle)

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Copenhagen Night of Culture 2016 at The Danish Parliament

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Tilbage til Fremtiden – Et Skoleforløb

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New Art and Music Festival on Ærø

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DR tårne

Copenhagen under Water was an installation and performance produced on November 25th.

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR – is an Art book about the introduction of a new political party into Danish politics

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VOTE2015 – Interview


Interview about political perspectives, by Stem 2015

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Alternative Election Video



Jacob’s official Election Video was made by Jonathan Grevsen Kronborg.

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DJ Triangle Lover is Jacob’s current DJ Alterego.

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Interview on Mette’s MIx


Jacob was in the legendary Copenhagen TV show “Mette’s Mix” talking about his adventures and plans to become the Minister of Culture in Denmark.

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Political Electric Car Action


On December 18th 2014 Jacob collaborated with The Danish Organization of Electric Car owners in a
Political Activist Action in front of the Danish Parliment.

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www.jayfugmik.com – The Website


In 2004 Jacob created a website collecting his work and project going back 10 years.

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The Alternative

Jacob was in January 2015 elected to be a candidate for the new Danish Political Party “The Alternative”.

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3D CO2 Painting Sculpture


On October 10th 2014, the 3D CO2 Painting was hung on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen.

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Officially Amazing – Guinness World Record


Largest Parade of Electric Cars over the Oresund Bridge Details »

Youtube Channel


Go to Jacob’s Youtube channel HERE, where for example the above image is a still from the Wall Street Project video anno 1999

Mashup Culture


The Mashup Culture blog is jam packed with stories, images, videos and music compiled, curated and mashed up since 2007

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Mind Blowing Inspiration


Inspiration is constant and all over.

Some are  collected on the Pinterest Board called “Mind Blowing”, go see it HERE

PTSD 911

Since September 11th 2011, Jacob has been working an several projects that deals with the issues relating to the historical event. PTSD is the initials for “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” that was the diagnosis that was given to a large group of people who experienced the day up close and personal.

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There is no “THE END” – there are only new beginnings!
Everything must Burn down, to raise up again.

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A selection of Portraits by Jacob

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Same Eye Selfportraits

The “Same Eye Selfportrait” project was first shown in the exhibition “Through Danish Eyes” in New York 1999. They are all photos of Jacob taken by his mother, digitized and rearranged pixel by pixel.

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New Orleans

Jacob had read “A Confederacy of Dunces” as a young man, and after 911 in New York, he moved to New Orleans to get over what had happened. He started the to document the Big Easy as if he was in the shoes of Ignatius Reilly.

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American Pictures 2000

Post NYC 911, Jacob has been documenting the decline of America during his many visits all around the country. His perspective is inspired by Jacob Riis and Jacob Holdt, who documented America in the 2oth century to open the eyes of what was going on in the country.

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Intimacy & Distance

In 2005, Jacob participated in an exhibition at Copenhagen’s Photographic Center called “Intimacy“, where a selection of the photos was also features in NIGHT Magazine

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Jacob’s family on his fathers side are from the small island in the south of Denmark called Ærø.
Jacob has been taking pictures for photo books, guidebooks and exhibition projects there since the early 90’s.

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Taking pictures in Copenhagen is an ongoing project that will never end.

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[FE]male Icons

[FE]male Icons are a selection of images that were shown at Copenhagen’s Photographic Center in connection to the “World Out Games” 2009.

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Max’s Kansas City

Jacob has worked with Yvonne Sewall Ruskin and Max’s Kansas City since 1998, producing several exhibitions and events relating to the legendary Cultural Mecca.

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Neke Carson

Neke Carson is one of Jacob’s great inspirations in art and performance. In connection to Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2011, Neke’s work was exhibited at DAMP Gallery as part of The Triangle Project Part 8.

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Victor Bockris

Victor Bockris is an author and photographer that Jacob has had the honor and pleasure to curate.

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Marcia Resnick

Marcia Resnick is one of Jacob’s inspirations in photography and he has had the honor and pleasure to curate her work several times since 1996.

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Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind was the title of the series of exhibitions in connection to Copenhagen and New York Photo Festival in 2010.

Details »

Grounded – Was Man Meant to Fly?

Grounded – Was Man Meant to Fly? was an International Collaboration Art Project that started in 2005 and was exhibited in New York at ABC NO RIO in 2008, as part of The Triangle Project Part 3. The initial plan was also to produce a book, but this is still to come.

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Anton Perich

The “Andrea Photograms” series was shown at the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2011 and at the NIGHT exhibition at Munch Gallery in early 2012.

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Since 2005, Jacob has been documenting Istanbul as part of The Triangle Project and Skanbul Connection.

Details »

The Triangle Project

The Triangle Project was started in 2006. The main intention of The Triangle Project is to create relationships, collaborations, interaction, exchange, awareness and new perspectives between creatures all over the universe.

Details »

Catcher in The Eye

The Catcher in the Eye Project was essentially an ongoing performance from 1995 to 1998. The inspiration for the performance character I worked with came
from Holden Caulfield in the all time American classic Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.
The act of shooting phonies, that Holden feels is a righteous one, is in this performance done with a camera and a flash instead of a gun as he suggests.

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CO2 Green Drive/CO2 E – Race

The CO2 Green Drive/CO2 E – Race Project is an ongoing and worldwide series of Art, Climate & Technology events designed to promote Green Growth and Global Sustainable Change.

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NIGHT Magazine

Jacob has contributed to NIGHT Magazine since 1996.

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The ongoing Confrontation Project is inspired by the photos Jacob’s mother took of him as a child. Basically they are selfportraits where Jacob mirrors himself in the people he is shooting.

Details »